Approaching stealers devs : a brief interview with Meduza

3 min readNov 28, 2023

To completely understand what’s going on in a market that has been growing in the last years I found mandatory to know which players are on it. Always remember that behind every user of the Internet there is another human like you, so if you can be kind enough to reach them and they agree, you can have a little talk. Asking things is not a crime.

Please note everything that stated on this blog has only an informational purpose. I will never promote the use of these products.

Let’s see, Meduza: @meduzza_support

The interview was made in English, everything shown here is the original text of the interview.


The video can be found here: #Meduza Stealer productions

Meduza is trying hard to get a spot in the market, and I think these efforts are not in vain.

Meduza is one of the youngest malware projects that I’ve seen on the market. It is kind of active at the moment.

Sadly, we can’t know how many people used Meduza.

“Proofs” that were shared are:

If you want to dive further into the claims of the relation between Aurora and Meduza, here is an amazing blog from an amazing Threat Intelligence Researcher, @Anfam17

Meduza Stealer or The Return of The Infamous Aurora Stealer (

Opinions are on your own.

Meduza follows its own anti-CIS policies.

Meduza comments on the stability of the market, something that can be argued for or against what he says. My thoughts are that the reality of his own product is stable, as said, but this reality doesn’t correspond to the reality of the entire market environment. I expect this project will keep operating for long months so further investigations will need to be made

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